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Meet Baby Bob!
Baby Bob is the smallest scientific specimen of T.Rex to date with 20% or more of a skeleton.
Robert with baby Rex Femur Rooted tooth rooted toth two
25 in or 63.5 cm femur Rooted teeth from the baby bob T.Rex specimen.
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Triceratops For Sale!
For Sale!
Triceratops Skull found
Summer 2011

Robert Detrich
After many years of working together as a team, Alan Detrich has retired and passed the ownership, management tasks, and the "Fossil King" crown onto his brother, Robert J. Detrich.

X-fish at Ulster Museum
The DFC Team has another amazing fossil on display!

triceratops skull
7' Triceratops Skull w/ jaws and beaks intact!

Misc Fossils
Lots of fossils for sale!
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New fossils added 5/04!

For Sale!
For Sale!
Click to see this terrific specimen up close!

Ankylosaur Skull

Associated Press | Posted: Sunday, July 24, 2011

From the Billings Gazette:
Kansas fossil hunters think Montana find could be a first

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two Kansas fossil hunters say they think they found something new while digging in Montana. Jim Kirkland, a state paleontologist at the Utah Geological Survey, has examined photos of the fossil that Robert and Alan Detrich are uncovering and said it looks like a new type of ankylosaur. The low-slung heavily armored dinosaurs lived around 65 million years ago and munched on plants.

"This thing is worthy of note. There is no doubt about it," said Kirkland, who specializes in ankylosaurs. "In my mind it's clearly a new one."

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A New Book With Bob Detrich
As The Main Character!

Meet the Boneheads, a modern stone-age family: There's Stan and Steve Sacrisson, eccentric twins from South Dakota, with an uncanny sense for locating rexes. Though one is a gravedigger and the other sleeps in his car, the pair have discovered three of them. Then there's cowboy Bucky Derflinger who discovered two rexes and bought a cattle ranch with the million-dollar proceeds. And finally there's the tribe's monarch: Bob Detrich, a former male model and ball-bearing salesman who goes by the name Fossil King.

Polsky goes into the field to follow a childhood obsession, only to learn that finding a dinosaur is a rocky journey. So come along with Richard Polsky as he gets out into the field in pursuit of a T. rex of his own. Or as the author puts it, "Let others hunt trilobites! I want the big one!

Available at!




Why is Bob literally grinning
from ear-to-ear?

Because it is very likely that he has just uncovered the most unique fossil discovery ever!

We found a very rare set of fossils!

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The Detrich Fossil Company Team discovered the highly controversial T.rex in 1992

T-rex Skin!
Robert Detrich poses
with the Z-rex, aka Samson skull

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360º Photo Journal of this extraordinary skull!

Samson T.rex

Z-rex (re-named Samson) prepped at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

"Z-rex" was put up for auction on eBay in 2000 with an asking price of over USD 8 million. It failed to sell online but was purchased for an undisclosed price in 2001 by British millionaire Graham Ferguson Lacey, who renamed the skeleton "Samson" after the Biblical figure of the same name. This specimen, discovered on private land in South Dakota in 1992, includes a complete and undistorted skull, which was prepared by the Carnegie Museum starting in May 2004. After preparation was complete in March 2006, the specimen was returned to its owner. "Samson" along with some other dinosaur skeletons was sold at auction on October 3, 2009, exhibited in early 2011 at the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley.

"It is probably the best skull that's ever been collected," said a private preparator who is preparing the rest of Samson's partial skeleton. "It is the best that I've ever seen. ...You can actually see blood veins in the skull."

Robert Detrich says, "The 3-D imagining from the cat scan will be the first undistorted view of t-rex ever."

Read more about it from the
Post-Gazette in Pittsburgh, PA

Robert J. Detrich
President & Sole Proprietor

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The Fossil King

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